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Enhanced Estetic

LED Gel Lash Adhesive

LED Gel Lash Adhesive

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    Attention all lash pros! Say hello to the ultimate LED Gel lash adhesive! Need an adhesive that can go the distance? Look no further! This adhesive is your knight in shining armor, boasting exceptional retention and longevity for the ultimate lash look.

    Exceptional Retention

    Blink and you'll miss it! Our LED Lash Technique will have you saving a whopping 30 minutes per set, with an instant cure time of just 1-2 seconds. That's right, your fluttery lashes will look fabulous for 3-6 weeks without any pesky fumes lingering around.

    How does it work?

    Say goodbye to time-consuming lash extension treatments and hello to a revenue boost with our LED Lash Lamp! Our cutting-edge UV technology will zap your client's lashes in just 1-2 seconds with a simple foot pedal, leaving adhesive fully cured and ready to go!

    💦Revive those peepers with a splash of water - Aah!

    💦Oil and steam? No biggie! These lashes are invincible.

    💦Ditch those bonders and sealers, it's a thing of the past!

    💦See-through and crystal clear, like a window to your soul.

    💦Relax, there's no need to squirm - these fumes won't hurt a bit!

    1. Dip the lash into the UV Lash Adhesive
    2. Place the false lash onto the natural lash (sides, bottom or top)
    3. Trigger UV light 
    4. Wait 1-2 secs
    5. Then precede with the next lash without any worries of sticking the lashes together. 

    All of your problems are solved!

    ✅ No reaction for 80% of lash allergy clients. 
    ✅ All humidity levels
    ✅ Any temperature range
    ✅ Cures completely within 1-2 seconds

    Sounds like a miracle? It is!

    A game changer!

    All the problems a regular Lash Artist have is now GONE!

    ✅ Don't have to change the glue dot!
    ✅ Glue never pulls threads!
    ✅ No strong fumes!
    ✅ No glue bonder needed!
    ✅No more lashes sticking together!


    • Keep in a dark cool place (never in the refrigerator).
    • Shake well for 30-60 sec before each use. 
    • Shelf life is 6 months opened and 1 year unopened when stored properly.
    • Keep glue in storage bag provided



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