Enhanced Estetic is proud to present Live & Online Courses.

We're all about helping you level up in this rapidly expanding industry. Our curriculum, kits and top-notch support from Enhanced Estetic will leave you glowing with new knowledge.

Jhay, the reigning champ of Georgia's Best Esthetician Award for two years running, is the brains behind this biz. As an Esthetician, Entrepreneur, and Educator, she's all about helping you nail those career goals. Get ready to shake things up and dive into industry secrets with the best of the best!


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More About Courses

Get ready to soar to the top of the beauty biz! Our course will hook you up with a kit that's bursting with quality products, plus top-notch eBooks jam-packed with insider tips on technique, sanitation, product know-how, and more. We're not here to churn out cookie-cutter businesses, so we keep our class sizes small to give you the ultimate attention. And for those who want to go even deeper, we offer personalized 1 on 1 training with our instructor, focusing solely on your awesomeness.

Our curriculum is a dynamic blend of theory and hands-on practice. We're talking about the safest and most efficient application method in the game! We guarantee it. You'll soak up all our unique techniques, learn the best sanitation protocols, and dish out nothing but top-quality work. So get ready to level up your skills and make your clients swoon!

And the best part? We offer career placement on our team.

  • Lash Extension Course

    Enhanced Esthetic proudly presents the ultimate Lash Extension Certification Course, designed exclusively for aspiring professionals in Georgia. Our comprehensive program offers an unparalleled learning experience, starting with exclusive access to theory modules online before the hands-on class. Delve deep into two distinct concepts: mastering the standard installation method and exploring the innovative technique utilizing LED gel base lashes.

    After a meticulous year of refinement, we're thrilled to offer the most comprehensive training available, ensuring you're equipped with the knowledge and skills to excel in the competitive world of lash extensions. Our founder, Jhay, epitomizes resilience and determination, having navigated a demanding schedule while pursuing her passion for esthetics. Now, she's excited to impart her wealth of knowledge and experience to aspiring lash artists like you.

    Throughout the course, you'll benefit from Jhay's expertise, learning not only the technical aspects of lash extensions but also the business strategies and insights essential for success in the industry. With a focus on precision, safety, and innovation, our curriculum is designed to empower you to reach your full potential as a lash artist.

    Prepare to embark on a transformative journey as you unlock the secrets of successful lash application and business acumen. Join us and discover how you can elevate your skills, expand your clientele, and achieve your goals in the world of esthetics. Get ready to step into your power and become the next 6-figure Lash Artist with Enhanced Esthetic!

  • What’s Included:

    What's in the box, you ask? Get ready for a beauty bonanza:

    • Our Lash eBook
    • Tweezers
    • Lash Glue (2 types)
    • Adhesive Wipes
    • Micro Swabs
    • Lash Shampoo
    • Lash Cleansing Brush
    • Sensitive Lash tape
    • Gel Eye Pads
    • Mascara Wands
    • Cream Remover
    • Realistic Manikin Head
    • LED Lamp
    • Multiple Lash Trays (curls, lengths, and diameters)

    And the best part? We only stock top-quality goodies from our Enhanced Esthetic® line. Plus, a small deposit of $399 secures all this lash-tastic fun!

  • Live Brazilian Wax Course

    Get ready to become a Brazilian waxing pro with our unbeatable combination certification course! We're talking top-notch training that covers every angle, from a week of online theory to a full day of hands-on practice. You'll master our signature techniques that guarantee happy and loyal clients. In record time, you'll be able to complete a Brazilian wax in just 15 minutes while delivering top-quality results.

    Here's what you'll learn:

    We'll teach you advanced positioning, stretching, and application techniques that will elevate your Brazilian waxing game to a whole new level.

    You'll understand how to spot and avoid complications, as well as witness a full treatment from start to finish with plenty of chances to ask questions. Then, you'll get to practice on multiple models under the guidance of our expert trainer.

    Our training also covers various methods to promote your services and attract new clients while keeping existing ones coming back for more.

    And don't forget about our Wax Kit, which includes hypoallergenic hard and soft wax, practice skin, pre/post-wax prep, an eBook manual with live demos, and a certificate of completion upon finishing the course.

    Oh, and did we mention that you'll need just one model to bring to class? Don't wait any longer – secure your spot with and get ready to revolutionize your waxing skills!

  • Virtual Master Brazilian Wax Course

    Enhanced Estetic is beyond excited to be your go-to, wherever you are in the world. Our Brazilian Wax Certification Course is the boss of all courses, jam-packed with everything you need to know. It's like Jhay's right there with you, leaving no stone unturned!

    We're talking about access to our course library, two live Brazilian wax demos, theory lessons delivered by Enhanced Estetic, our exclusive Waxing eBook, advanced videos for setting up your dream waxing room, full-on support from our team, and even shadow days at Enhanced Estetic Salon. You'll be spoilt for choice with goodies!

  • Virtual Master Brazilian Wax Course

    Get your hands on a complete waxing kit featuring hypoallergenic hard and soft wax, pre/post-wax care essentials, larger-than-life waxing sticks, and even an eBook with a live demo! Sign up now and voila! You'll have access in just 24 hours.

At Enhanced Estetic, we understand the beauty of confidence. hat’s why we’re all about us making you feel good in your own skin. Whether it’s perfect lashes, radiant skin, or a smooth wax, you’re in good hands.