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Enhanced Estetic

Cream Lash Remover

Cream Lash Remover

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    Say bye-bye to eyelash extensions with our gentle and non-irritating Eyelash Cream Lash Remover! Perfect for sensitive eyes, this cream works like a charm and won't leave your customers wincing in pain. With no yucky smell and easy application, you can control the amount used to avoid any accidents. Plus, our remover has a creamy texture and only needs a tiny dab to do the trick. Unlike liquid removers that can be runny and messy, our cream stays put, giving you more control to get the job done right.

    The special feature of our Eyelash Remover

    Get ready for a lash removal experience like no other! Our eyelash remover gel is as gentle as a summer breeze, making sure to keep those eyes irritation-free while still getting the job done. And, hold onto your hats, folks, there's no need to hold your nose with our special lash glue remover fragrance! Say goodbye to pesky smells and hello to a light lily scent that'll make your heart sing.

    Our safe formula ensures you're always in control and eliminates the risk of any accidents, keeping those gorgeous peepers of yours safe and sound. With top-notch quality, our gel lash remover has been tested and certified by MSDS, KC, and SGS. But, just a little heads up, our glue remover is strictly for the lash pros out there, so no DIY attempts, please!

    How to Use

    With a feather-light touch, smudge the Eyelash Extensions Cream Remover onto each extension using a Lint-Free Applicator or Micro Swab. Now, let it chill for 5-10 minutes. Carefully cleanse and wipe off the extensions (Please avoid getting it into your client's peepers!) Rinse thoroughly to eliminate any traces. Remember, this product is only for professionals! Our Super-Gentle Formula is a lash-saver, removing extensions with ease while keeping the natural lash intact. ***Note: Eyelash extension glue remover is for advanced lash stylists and not recommended for self-application. Discover more of our products by shopping with us.
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